Church of the Dead

Bible Passage: Revelation 3:1-6

Sermon Discussion Guide
Sermon Series: The 7 Churches of Revelation Week 5: The Dead Church – The Church at Sardis  

1. Was there something in Pastor Sean’s teaching that you learned, something that stuck out to you, or something that you were reminded of? If so, what was it?

2. What was the city of Sardis like during the time that John is writing? How had it faded from what it once was?

3. What was the reputation of the church at Sardis? What was the reality?

4. In what was the church at Thyatira commended?

5. What does Christ command the church at Sardis to do in verse 3? Were there any faithful believers in Sardis?

6. What must a church like FBC do to ensure that is living and not dead?