Intentional Connection.

It is so easy to sit at the back of the room and be one of the crowd. Don’t settle for relationships that are limited to a wave and “how are you?” in the lobby on Sunday mornings. Invest your time and energy in a small group! Why? A small group provides intimate, spiritual connections with fellow believers, provides accountability in your walk with Christ, and gives you like-minded friends to do life with. God never intended for us to walk through our Christian journeys alone. He made us relational, intentional beings that long for connection with others. Find a small group to join so that you will no longer be a face in the crowd, but a person who is known and loved.


We encourage you to find a group that fits your life and schedule. We have several groups that meet at various locations and times during the week. They are made up of all sorts of ages and demographics, so try out all of them until you find one that fits you! Here you’ll find a list of each group and what you can expect so you can make your decision easily. Have fun and get plugged-in!

List of Small Groups

Meeting Place: 918 Bonds Road, Chickamauga, GA 30707

Meeting Time: Sunday evenings @ 6 PM

Meeting Place: 62 Virginia Avenue, Rossville, GA 30741

Meeting Time: Friday evenings @ 7 PM

Meeting Place: The Smith House

Meeting Time: Monday evenings @ 6: 30 PM