The nursery at FBC desires to be an extension of your home, providing quality care and a secure environment for your children (birth – 3 years old) as they learn about Jesus and see Him modeled by our loving staff. While children are always welcome in our worship services  we offer this ministry as a resource to your family. Nursery is provided for each worship  service.

Nursery Location:

The nursery for all three services is located in the Shelton House which is the one-story white  house located near the EDGE Building. For a visual, check out the picture below and our campus map. Once on campus, if you need help, please find a greeter who will be glad to take you to the nursery.  

Registration & Pick-up:

When dropping your children off at the Smith House nursery, there will be nursery staff to help you with the simple three step registration process and pick-up process. 

Step 1 – With the help of nursery staff, use the kiosk at the Welcome Desk to provide  information that will help us care for your children and provide a safe environment for them. This information includes guardian names, child’s name, contact info, and allergies/ sensitivities.  

Step 2 – Once the information is in our system, two stickers are printed. One is a name tag  sticker specifically for your child and the other is a matching tag that you keep. 

Step 3 – When you arrive to pick up child, just present your matching tag and we will gather  your precious little one for you.


  • When am I able to drop my child off at the nursery?  

The nursery begins registering children 15 minutes before each worship service. As a first  time guest we encourage you to take advantage of that so you can get them registered and  have plenty of time to make it to the worship service.  

  • What if I want to attend Sunday School as well? 

Please do! Building community with others is important and we encourage you to do that if  possible. Don’t worry, your child is in good hands and we will have them ready for you when  you return.  

  • What does it mean that the FBC nursery is a well-baby nursery? 

We want to ensure the health and wellness of all of our babies and toddlers. If your child has  had a fever within the previous 24 we respectfully ask you to keep them home or with you  during the service. For more information on our well-baby policy please click here. (Will send  document) 

  • What can I can expect during my child’s time in the nursery? 

This ministry is more than childcare. Our desire is to help your toddler learn about Jesus  while also taking care of their needs. We will provide age-appropriate snacks. If your child  has dietary restriction, feel free to provide a snack for them if you would like. We will change  your child’s diaper or take them potty during their time in the nursery unless specified  otherwise by a guardian. Please bring a well stocked diaper bag for your child.  

Each nursery room is staffed with FBC Kid’s Ministry volunteers who have undergone training  and completed a background check. If you are interested in joining our team, please contact  Ben Stone (link to contact info), our FBC’s Kids director 

Nursery Volunteer Schedule

8:30 AM: Lee & Tori Hawkins; Gina & Daniel Waller

9:45 AM: George & Rachael Kulick; Jerry & Marla Prince

11:00 AM: Kevin & Candice Patty; Matt & Miranda Warrick

8:30 AM: Ben & Nichole Stone; Jimmy & Janie Cooley

9:45 AM: Knox & Addie Alexander; Krista Savadge & Tara Maxwell

11:00 AM: Kris & Sammi Bruce; Hunter & Luke Taylor

8:30 AM: Conrad & Laura Fryar; Greg & Cristal Whitlock

9:45 AM: Michael, Joy, Jacob, & Natalie Mays

11:00 AM: Michael, Denise, & Ruby Yates; Susan Veazey